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Struttura Dipartimento di Tecnica e Gestione dei Sistemi Industriali (DTG)
Telefono 0444998735
Qualifica Professore ordinario
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Proposte di tesi
Tesi all'estero mediante flussi ERASMUS oppure tesi con stage aziendale su temi trattati durante il corso di Impianti Industriali e Logistica Industriale.

Curriculum Vitae
Daria Battini is Associate Professor of Industrial Systems and Logistics at the University of Padua since the 1th October 2014. Before, she has been Assistant Professor at Padua University since April 2006. She helds a PhD in Industrial Engineering and she graduated cum laude at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.
She teaches and conduct research in the field of industrial system design and management (in particular flexible assembly systems), supply network mapping, modeling and optimization with particular attention to the healthcare supply networks, ergonomics in material handling and in assembly, the inventory management and product/process traceability.
Her researches are published in several international journals, international conference proceedings, trade magazines, industry reports and newspapers. She published more than 60 scientific papers, published in International ISI journals or in proceeding of International conferences Peer Reviewed. She is referee of some relevant journals in the Supply Chain Management and Logistics Area (Int. Journal Production Economics, Int. Journal Production Research, Transportation Research, Computer and Industrial Engineering, etc.).
Daria is an Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Management Control and of the International Journal of Optimization and Control: Theories & Applications.
Since 2007 she started researches on Simulation Game and Learning Game design and in collaboration with other colleagues of the University of Padua, she developed the Logistc Gameā„¢, a new simulation game for learning by doing and knowledge sharing. The Logistic Game has been registered as a EU community trade mark from the University of Padova in 2009.
In January 2008 she received the Best Paper Award of the Global Business and Innovation Development Conference GBID2008 (organized by BIRC). From February 2014 she is co-inventor of a patent regarding the development of a new intelligent drug dispenser for hospitals (Patent Number N. 0001406093).
She collaborates with relevant international researchers and in particular with the Rutgers University (USA, Prof. H.Pham), the University of Massachusetts (Prof. A.Gunasekaran), the DTU (Denmark, Prof. Larsen), the TUM (Germany, Prof. Renzo Akkerman), the University of Loughborough (UK, Prof. Alok Choudary), the Monash University (Prof. Amrik Sohal), the University of Ljubljana(Slovenia, Prof. M. Bogotaj), the University of Chicago (USA, Prof. S. Allesina).
At the University of Padua she is Professor of Industrial Plants in the MSc in Industrial Engineering. Daria also teaches Industrial Logistics in the MSc in Mechanical Engineering and she is the responsible of the ERASMUS agreement between Padova University and the DTU (Denmark) and of the ERASMUS agreement between Padova University and the TUM (Germany) for the logistics area. She is a member of AIDI and EUROMA.

Insegnamenti dell'AA 2018/19
Corso Curr. Codice Insegnamento CFU Anno Periodo Responsabile
IN0522 000ZZ IN04103830 IMPIANTI INDUSTRIALI 9 I Secondo semestre DARIA BATTINI